The Pilgrimage I

Adventure, Action and Faith

The story about the pilgrimage and hardship of Hebrews from Egypt to Canaan. Focusing on the prophet Moses we see well know events including the tabernacle, 10 commandments, crossing of Red Sea, the 10 plagues, miracles of sim desert and the arriving to Canaan.

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More than 80 scenes,dozens of items including relics, coins, furniture and scrolls. See different points of view by playing with many characters including Moses,Miriam,Aaron,Joshua,Pharaoh Rameses,Pitra, Egyptian Guard.

Available in many stores: Steam, Play Store and Apple Store


Build the whole Tabernacle with walls, tent, props and sacred relics.


There are many characters to meet, items to find and scenario to explore. Use tools like Minimap, World Map and World View to orient yourself.


Help Characters overcome their obstacles and incredible events.


Although Moses was a pacifist he faced many fights during his life.


Save the egyptians from the plagues and catastrophes.


Cultivate commom plants from the region in that time: Wheat,Pomegranate, Vines etc.